Spa Business Development

Competition is steep – what worked 10 years ago in the spa market might not cut it now…

Whether you simply wish to undergo a mystery shop/health check for honest feedback – or wish to invest in your spa but are not sure where the best return is, having a good consultation is key.

Understanding your current business offering through consultation and mystery shop allows you to find ways to maximise the potential of the spa experience you have developed, build your revenue and identify new processes and procedures. Managing change in the workplace requires a specialist skillset and this is where Peigín excels.  Investment in the team is key!

Ask the following questions;

  • How well do you understand your mix of business?
  • How would you rate the Spa Experience currently on offer?
  • What share of the market do you currently have?
  • Retail Sales – how well is your team performing?

Would your Spa benefit from the following;

  • Business re-development
  • Upgrade with new facilities
  • Cosmetic facelift & refurbishment
  • Extension of treatment offering & upskilling your team

Choose from the following modules to gain a full operational audit or cherry pick training courses from Full Operational Review with Troubleshooting recommendations to Mystery Shopper Reports

  • Strategic Review and Planning
  • Business re-development with new facilities
  • Customer Journey Audit
  • KPI Assessment and Financial Review
  • Current Treatment and Retail Offering
  • Marketing & PR Review
  • Operations and Management Review
  • Spa Management and Team Training
  • Refurbishment Recommendations